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Joe Mugenyi

Co-founder & CEO

Who We Are

Primelink Realty Uganda is a brand of Primelink Private Ventures Limited, a company developing an integrated suite of products that leverage the latest trends and developments in technology to enhance the efficiency of real estate enterprises.


Use Primelink Realty's solutions to collect, analyse and understand the data that means the most to your business to gain competitive advantage.


Engage with and contribute to our ever-growing knowledge-base to grow your understanding of the very dynamic real estate industry.


Our platforms are designed with the end-user in mind. We design tools and platforms to serve the modern real estate services consumer.

Our Services

Our services are classified into B2B and B2C categories. Depending on which category a service falls under, a premium or service fee may be charged as facilitation for providing that service.


We offer both individual and enterprise research services, in any sector of the real estate industry.


We leverage a wide range of marketing tools, platforms, and models to guarantee sales for our clients.


We help real estate enterprises turn their ideas into real solutions in addition to our in-house solutions.


We offer expert advisory services on all real estate themes through our resident industry experts.


Primelink for marketing

Primelink for marketing

List your properties for free on our Multiple Listing Service. The SPACE MLS platform offers various tools to make the best online representation of your property such as detailed views, multiple image support, panorama and video support, maps support, as well as tools to enable your prospects reach you faster. When you list your property on SPACE MLS, you automatically qualify for the entire marketing package which includes social media and other marketing tools.
Primelink for management

Primelink for management

Take advantage of our proprietary management tools to effectively manage your buyers or tenants. Our tools enable you to keep track of all your clients, transactions, performance, and more. Contact us today to order for your custom solution or subscribe to the generic solution.
Primelink for knowledge

Primelink for knowledge

Learn from a wide range of real estate topics on our knowledge platform, Prism. All the articles are well researched and published with relevant links. You can also partner with us as a guest or resident author.
Primelink Partnership Programme

Primelink Partnership Programme

Are you a real estate developer, real estate manager, real estate author, legal expert, interior or exterior designer, do you do anything related to real estate? We are very passionate about real estate and would like to partner with you. Please contact us for more on our partnership program.

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  • What is Primelink Realty Uganda and what does it do?

    Primelink Realty Uganda is a technology startup based in Uganda. We launched operations in March 2021 as a real estate listing service. We have since expanded our vision towards developing more solutions to problems faced in the real estate industry using advanced technology. We aim at extending superior service towards our clients.

  • We offer a wide range of proprietory services accross various categories. All our services are currently available in a free basic package, however, a fee may be charged under certain circumstances and at a later time as we continue to refine our products. Check out our products and services for free and let us know what you think.

  • All the services we are currently offering are linked to within the portfolio section of our website. All you have to do is identify a category and select the service or product that suits your needs. However, if the service you need is not indicated or expressly mentioned, contact us for support. You can also contact us anytime using the contact information provided on the website for guidance regarding any product or service.

  • We do our very best to build functional products and integrated services so that our clients get the best experience possible all the time. That is our commitment to you, and we try our best to work by it. If a product or service does not meet your needs, contact us so that we can make it work for you.

  • We started Primelink Realty Uganda to help real estate players access low-cost yet quality service. The project has since evolved in many ways, and our mission has not even slightly changed. We are forever committed to building great products for our clients and growing our capacity to create even better products. At the core of this effort is you, the client. All our services start with a free package to enable clients to begin their journey and nurture a bond with us. From then on, we are all about strengthening that bond.