About Us

At Primelink PVL, we value the growth and success of all our clients. We pay close attention to each of our clients' needs and tend to them with meticulous attention to detail for full client satisfaction.

The Real Estate Eco-system

At Primelink PVL, we've developed a four-point approach to real estate.

We realized that any real estate operation takes place at any stage or through all stages of a cycle of four, that is; Consultation, Development, Marketing and Management.

We are developing advanced solutions to efficiently and effectively fill the gaps created by traditional modi operandi across all stages of the Real Estate cycle.


Real Estate Consultancy

We have partnered with leading real estate experts to provide first-rate consultation services on a wide-range of real estate concepts. We match you to an expert based on your area of interest.

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Real Estate Development

Whether it's a Turnkey, Design & Build or Building Management project, we execute projects of any size, with utmost transparency and efficiency.

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Real Estate Marketing

With over 2 years' experience developing tech solutions for real estate businesses, we are confident we have all it takes to efficiently manage any property.

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Real Estate Management

Our Space MLS platform is built to handle listings of any type. We combine technology and traditional marketing techniques to develop an optimal marketing strategy for any property.

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